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Short Hair Style Celebs

By Lynn Lopez

So you think a long lush mane of glowing hair is a major factor in being a goddess of gorgeousness? We canít blame you, because we often see actresses and supermodels tossing around their locks or piling them up in fabulous updos. If youíve got short hair, donít let this discourage you or make you feel frumpy. Get some inspiration from these women who looked stunning with short hair. Some of them may have had long hair in the past or may currently have long locks, but donít forget that they were able to rock a shorter hairdo.

Linda Evangelista

In the era of Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell, she definitely stood out with her super short hair, which was a drastic change to see on catwalks around the world.

Demi Moore

Remember how everyone got her hair chopped off after Demi Moore appeared in Ghost? Today, she's wearing her hair long, but even when she had short hair, she still looked every inch a star.

Carrie-Anne Moss

She had fierce fighting moves, was a pro with guns, and looked good in black in The Matrix trilogy. Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity really made short hair look gorgeous and powerful.

Cynthia Nixon

She was the only one of the Sex and the City girls who had short hair, and that set her apart. Her hair always looked great and fuss-free, plus it easily made the transition from the office to a night of cocktails with the girls.

Mandy Moore

The pop star launched into the airwaves with long blond hair, which seems to be part of the template for young female pop singers, but eventually colored it brown and even chopped it off for some time, which gave her a fresh new look and made her look different from a lot of performers her age.

Victoria Beckham

The celebrity formerly known as Posh Spice has been wearing her hair short and upped the glam factor with some highlights. But this isn't her first time wearing her hair short. She sported one of her best hairstyles ever in 1998, when she debuted a shorter hair in the Spice Girls' video Stop.

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