Ponytail Hairstyles

A ponytail is a great hairstyle you can get into regardless of the occasion, of where you are going or what you are wearing. Whether you are feeling a little dressy or have just thrown a ratty T-shirt over your oldest pair of jeans, or whether you are going out for a date or just going for a run to the supermarket, you can wear ponytail hairstyles and get away with it.

Here are some great ponytail hairstyles that will fit your every mood.

Smooth and sleek ponytail. The smooth and sleek ponytail is great for wearing to work, for a lunch date with the girls or for a dinner date with your sweetie. To achieve the smooth and sleek ponytail, dry the hair completely by brushing it. Then, part it either at the side or the center, then tie the tail near the nape. To prevent flyaways, apply some hairspray along your hairline. Afterwards, apply a hair iron to the tail to make it straight.

Kiddie cutie. This style of ponytail is low maintenance and great for weekends. It also works regardless of how long the hair is, although it looks best for hair that reaches the chin. To get this ponytail style, just dry your hair and then gather it a little higher on the head from the nape. Do not brush your hair; just use your fingers to arrange your ponytail. To take care of the layers, bangs and flyaways that could not be held by the ponytail elastic, pin them with kiddie barrettes and stylish bobby pins.

Rumpled and messy. This is the ultimate low maintenance ponytail, great for hair that has yet to be washed. It can be worn on weekends or during weekday after hours. Spraying the roots with volumizer and rubbing the hair dry with the fingertips gives the hair some body. While drying the hair, go ahead and scrunch it for the added wave. When the hair is dry, tease the hair at the crown and then gather your locks to your nape, again using your fingertips. For any stray locks that escaped the ponytail elastic, use bobby pins to secure them.

Sexy and dramatic. The sexy and dramatic ponytail is the one that is worn high on the crown of the head, which gives the wearer an elegant look. It is appropriate for wearing to the office, especially for power meetings, as well as for the evening. However, because this ponytail is pulled up tight and sleek, it can make women with high foreheads look bald from the front. In this case, a side part is a must for high-browed women when wearing this style of ponytail. This style is achieved by blow-drying the hair straight and then teasing it at the roots. Afterwards, gather the pony to right about the level of the ears. For some nighttime drama, add a jeweled barrette at the side of the pony.


When doing your ponytails, remember to stay far away from cloth scrunchies. They are so outdated and will just ruin the style that you are trying create. Instead, use ponytail elastics.