Hair Lowlights

Hair Lowlights: A Subtle Technique for Fabulous Hair

Hair lowlights are, as the name obviously indicates, the opposite of hair highlights. Where hair highlights are meant to give your hair a bright and sun-kissed look, hair lowlights are supposed to provide your hair a subtle depth in color. Lowlights are not as dramatic as highlights and are often preferred during the fall and winter seasons. Nonetheless, you can have them regardless of the season if you want a low-key but stylish look for your locks.

Keeping everything subtle is the key to the successful use of lowlights on your hair. Here are a few tips that can help you make your lowlights work for you.

Choosing the Best Lowlights Color

The rule of thumb with hair lowlights is that you should choose colors that are no more than three shades darker than your base hair color. If you choose anything darker than that, your lowlights will lose their subtlety and will look not look natural.

So, if you are a blonde, the best lowlights for you are caramel, beige, bronze or honey hues. These colors create interesting layers in your blonde hair. On the other hand, you should avoid using light colors like hay or beige as lowlights.

For redheads, the most suitable lowlights are colors as close a shade to the base red color as possible. But if your hair is a dark red, you can get away golden brown hues for lowlights. Blonde colors are a no-no for you.

Dark brown and dark red colors like cinnamon, chocolate, auburn or rust are great to use as lowlights for brunettes. Dark brown colors are also great as lowlights for black hair.

Placing Your Hair Lowlights

Another difference between highlights and lowlights is that highlights are placed around the face to make the face look brighter and younger. Lowlights, on the other hand, are done away from the face. They are meant to add depth to your hair in a more subtle manner anyhow. So, instead of framing the face or crowning the head, lowlights are best placed at the sides and the back of your head as well as the tips of your hair.

To make your lowlights work for you to their maximum effect, you should blend them with highlights. By combining lowlights and highlights, you create transitions and textures in your hair. Thus, your hair will look more stylish and interesting. Highlights and lowlights that are done to perfection will also subtract years from your face and update your entire look.

Making Your Lowlights Last

When you color your hair, it is important that you take good care of it to make the color look fresh all the time. Taking good care of your hair when it is colored also ensures that your hair stays healthy. The same goes for lowlights - you need to take care of them so they would keep looking fresh and your hair in good health.

So, you need to make sure that your shampoo and conditioner are gentle to colored hair. Otherwise, your lowlights will fade. Your hair may become dry and frizzled. You should also make the effort to retouch your lowlights every three or four weeks to keep them looking fresh and to adjust to the growth of your hair.