Avoid Bad Hair Days

How To Avoid A Hair Crisis

If you keep repeating the same hairstyle over and over again, you may begin to hate your hair and thus you reach a hair crisis. When you reach the screaming point, be specific about what you want to change. Never change everything - cut, color and style - at the same time. New hairstyles should evolve and not simply appear, just like your own personal style.

Very subtle seasonal changes are much modern and flattering than than total redesigns. If you are just bored, before you go for a drastic hair cut, try changing your styling first. For example, if you always wear your hair straight, try styling it curly; if it's always curly, then put some product in it and blow-dry it glossy and straight.

Good condition is also critical. It doesn't matter if your hair is long or short, if it's in bad condition it will look like bad hair. So before coloring, consider if the condition is good enough for color - you don't want your hair to look even worse.

Changing your hair and make-up is vitally important because color and form are the two largest factors that make women look dated.

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